Iron and Transparent Glass Creative Lift Soft Table

With its adaptable design, this workstation is perfect for artists, writers, and professionals. The large surface area offers plenty of space for your laptop, art supplies, or documents, and the adjustable height guarantees ergonomic comfort all day long.


Crafted from premium iron, this Iron and Transparent Glass Creative Lift Soft Table exudes a sleek and modern aesthetic. Its striking transparent glass top offers a glimpse of its robust yet elegant understructure, menciptakan an eye-catching focal point for your space.

The table’s innovative lift mechanism empowers you to effortlessly adjust its height, making it adaptable to your every need. Whether you’re working on a collaborative project or enjoying a leisurely meal, this table transforms to suit your comfort and style.

Its versatile design makes it an ideal workstation for artists, writers, and professionals alike. The spacious surface provides ample room for your laptop, drawing tools, or paperwork, while the adjustable height ensures ergonomic comfort throughout your workday.

Beyond its practical, this table is a statement piece that elevates the aesthetics of any room. Its sleek lines and sophisticated materials lend a touch of contemporary elegance, making it a perfect fit for modern offices, studios, and living spaces.

Invest in the Iron and Transparent Glass Creative Lift Soft Table today and experience the perfect fusion of function and style. Its innovative design and impeccable craftsmanship will redefine your workspace for years to come.


12 kg


45 × 45 × 50 cm


iron-brown , iron-transparent

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